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Public Finance and Local Government Law

We represent public entities such as cities, counties, urban renewal agencies, school districts, irrigation districts, universities, health care providers, and housing developers in tax-exempt bond issues. We are the largest firm in Idaho listed in the “Redbook” as qualified public finance and bond counsel.

We participated in the first issuance of assessment bonds by a community infrastructure district in Idaho, a development tool recently created by the Idaho Legislature. In the last two years, we have issued the bond opinion in over $500 million of Idaho bond issues.

We also serve as underwriter's counsel, taking the lead on preparation of disclosure documents in municipal finance offerings. In addition to work as bond counsel and underwriter's counsel, we also serve as borrower's counsel in conduit financings, and as issuer's and lender’s counsel. We also participate in transactions in Oregon and Washington.

We provide advice and assistance to our clients beginning with the election process, continuing through the issuance of the bonds, and addressing post-issuance compliance requirements. Additionally, our attorneys have represented a number of entities seeking judicial confirmation of indebtedness pursuant to Idaho Code § 7-1304.


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