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Covering topics from current legal news to advice for founders, Attorney Time brings Hawley Troxell’s business law expertise to the public.

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Latest Episodes

Episode 14 | Tax Appeals

Hawley Troxell Partner Richard Smith and attorney Jonathan Wheatley discuss the complex nature of the process of tax appeals.

Episode 13 | Home Owners’ Associations

Hawley Troxell attorneys Chris Cook and Amy Knight describe the ins and outs of Home Owners Associations.

Episode 12 | A Primer on Private Foundations

This week’s episode is a reissued podcast provided by the American College of Trust and Estate Counsel and features Hawley Troxell Attorney, John McGown, Jr.

Episode 11 | Cyber Insurance 

Hawley Troxell partners Brad Frazer and Tyler Anderson discuss why it’s time to insure your company against a cyberattack.

Episode 10 | Vaccine and Testing Requirements for Employers

Hawley Troxell attorneys, Carsten Peterson and Taylor Barton discuss the challenges employers may face with upcoming COVID vaccine and testing requirements.

Episode 9 | Cybersecurity

Hawley Troxell Partner, Brad Frazer, and Information Technology Manager, Paul Wilch discuss the need for competent cybersecurity and what to do when you get hacked.

Episode 8 | Patent Inventorship

Hawley Troxell attorney, Phil McKay, lists the finer points of inventorship and conception of ideas.

Episode 7 | Avoiding Fraud and Scams with Paula Kluksdal and Gwen Thomson

Hawley Troxell attorneys Paula Kluksdal and Gwen Thomson help you recognize and avoid scams aimed at your bank accounts.

Episode 6 | Patent Law Series: Parts of a Patent with Phil McKay

Hawley Troxell attorney, Phil McKay, breaks down specific and important pieces of a patent.

Episode 5 | Patent Law Series: What, When, and Where to Patent with Phil McKay

Hawley Troxell attorney, Phil McKay, lends insight into the complicated world of patents.

Episode 4 | Patent Law Series: Patent Timelines with Phil McKay

Hawley Troxell attorney, Phil McKay, gives a rundown of the process of filing a patent from inception to completion.

Episode 3 | Patent Law Series: Avoid Losing Your Patent with Phil McKay

Hawley Troxell attorney, Phil McKay, tells you how to avoid the pitfalls of protecting your invention.

Episode 2 | Patent Law Series: Introduction to Patents with Phil McKay

Phil McKay tells you the do’s and don’ts of new inventions.

Episode 1 | Startups with Brad Frazer and Steve Frinsko

Steve Frinsko and Brad Frazer discuss best practices for startups and large businesses.

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