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Wine, Brew, and Spirits Law

Handle the regulations and challenges that come with starting, growing, and managing a wine, beer, or liquor business.

Hawley Troxell’s Wine, Brew, and Spirits Group is experienced with the issues you may encounter in these rapidly growing industries. As one of Idaho’s few law firms focusing on wine, beer, and spirits law, our attorneys assist with a variety of legal issues that come up when starting a business.

We can help you:

Start a wine, beer, or liquor business.

We’re able to help secure financing, set up appropriate business entities, and apply for licenses. We also assist business owners in obtaining the things they need to run their business, from equipment to real property to water rights.

Manage employees.

We assist with hiring and managing employees, no matter the size of the business. We design compensation and benefits plans for employers. Additionally, our seasoned litigators defend employers in workplace disputes when necessary.

Grow a wine, beer, or liquor business.

Our attorneys help businesses securely grow by opening new locations, acquiring other businesses, and more. We help you maximize your brand’s market value for resale by minimizing their potential legal liabilities.

Own and protect intellectual property.

We help protect labels, logos, packaging, and other trademark properties, as well as with securing trade secrets.

Defend and pursue litigation.

Our litigators can defend wine, beer, and liquor businesses’ legal rights in any variety of business disputes, including taking cases to trial and to higher courts on appeal.

Deal with regulations.

Agencies at all levels of government heavily regulate the wine, beer, and liquor industries. Our attorneys can help businesses comply with their complicated rules, apply for licenses and permits, and fend off enforcement actions.

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