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Immigration Law

Navigate the complex immigration system for the best results possible.

We will be with you every step of these processes whether you are sponsoring your family, you want to study, visit, or work in the U.S. you are a victim of a crime, an asylee, or you are a business bringing over foreign talent.

There are multiple ways to come to the U.S. permanently. Most of the time, your family or employer sponsors you for permanent residency (a green card). In addition, there are ways for you to self-petition for your own green card or invest in or start a business to receive a green card. If you have been a victim of a crime, assisted law enforcement with an investigation, been trafficked (for any reason), claim asylum, are a refugee, or have been here for a long enough period of time, you can also apply for a green card.

We have extensive knowledge of each of these processes. We provide you with checklists to guide you through what information and documents we need from you. We work with you to gather the best information and supporting documents in order to make all petitions and applications as strong as possible.

We fill out the forms, we write legal briefs with necessary analysis, we strategize what is the best application or petition for your case – we prepare and submit to win your case. Because immigration law is complex and ever-changing, we keep up with new developments in the law and apply them to your unique situation for the best possible outcome.

If we have obstacles present themselves to us, we work hard to overcome them. We understand that your case is likely one of the biggest events in your life and it will have a tremendous impact on your life. Just as well, we understand that businesses can’t wade through the labyrinth of immigration processes without results.

Corporate, Educational, and Organization Sponsored Immigration

We help clients make the best choices and execute those choices with maximum success even in this challenging immigration law environment. We work with you and your employee or student to choose the best nonimmigrant status or path to temporary or permanent residence. If an immigration agency has denied an application or petition, we assist clients with administrative and federal court appeals.

Individual Immigration

We assist individuals with citizenship, green cards/permanent residency, student visas, exchange visas, work visas, tourist visas, asylum, victim visas, humanitarian parole, deferred action, DACA, deportation defense, special immigrant juvenile status, waivers, appeals and more.

Investor Immigration

Immigrant entrepreneurs are central to new-business creation in the U.S., creating businesses at an increasing rate. Immigrant entrepreneurs will continue to play a large role across the country and industries in starting new businesses, creating new jobs, and driving growth. If you are interested in investing in the U.S., you can receive permission to stay temporarily or permanently (Green Card).

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