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Attorney Time Podcast


Attorney Time is the new podcast from the business law firm Hawley Troxell that brings legal expertise to you. Curious about intellectual property? Are you an entrepreneur and starting your first business? Not sure what attorneys even do? Attorney Time covers a broad range of legal topics from Hawley Troxell’s team of experienced attorneys.

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Episode List

13. Home Owners’ Associations

Hawley Troxell attorneys Christopher Cook and Amy Knight describe the ins and outs of Home Owners’ Associations.

12. A Primer on Private Foundations

This episode is a reissued podcast provided by the American College of Trust and Estate Counsel and features Hawley Troxell attorney John McGown Jr.

11. Cyber Insurance

Hawley Troxell partners Brad Frazer and Tyler Anderson discuss why it’s time to insure your company against a cyberattack.

10. Vaccine and Testing Requirements for Employers

Hawley Troxell attorneys, Carsten Peterson and Taylor Barton discuss the challenges employers may face with upcoming COVID vaccine and testing requirements.

9. Cybersecurity

Hawley Troxell Partner, Brad Frazer, and Information Technology Manager, Paul Wilch discuss the need for competent cybersecurity and what to do when you get hacked.

8. Patent Inventorship

Hawley Troxell attorney, Phil McKay, lists the finer points of inventorship and conception of ideas.

7. Avoiding Fraud and Scams with Paula Kluksdal and Gwen Thomson

Hawley Troxell attorneys Paula Kluksdal and Gwen Thomson help you recognize and avoid scams aimed at your bank accounts.

6. Patent Law Series: Parts of a Patent with Phil McKay

Hawley Troxell attorney, Phil McKay, breaks down specific and important pieces of a patent.

5. Patent Law Series: What, When, and Where to Patent with Phil McKay

Hawley Troxell attorney, Phil McKay, lends insight into the complicated world of patents.

4. Patent Law Series: Patent Timelines with Phil McKay

Hawley Troxell attorney, Phil McKay, gives a rundown of the process of filing a patent from inception to completion.

3. Patent Law Series: Avoid Losing Your Patent with Phil McKay

Hawley Troxell attorney, Phil McKay, tells you how to avoid the pitfalls of protecting your invention.

2. Patent Law Series: Introduction to Patents with Phil McKay

Phil McKay tells you the does and don’ts of new inventions.

1. Startups with Brad Frazer and Steve Frinsko

Steve Frinsko and Brad Frazer discuss best practices for startups and large businesses.