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Hawley Troxell Attorney Attends Wine Seminars in Napa Valley

Added by Hawley Troxell in Wine, Brew, Spirits Law on November 20, 2012

I recently spent a couple days in Napa, California for a two-day seminar on “Increasing the Value of a Wine Business” and “The Purchase and Sale of Wineries.” Among the speakers were lawyers, investment bankers, accountants, environmental consultants, and winery owners. Each speaker was able to share valuable and unique insight into the legal and business secrets behind operating a successful winery – from key provisions in distribution agreements to best practices for branding and marketing your wine. It was fascinating to hear how developments in securities law will help wineries raise capital and how wineries can use developments in tax law to reduce tax liabilities.

The seminar helped reinforce our practice group’s goal to tailor creative and personalized solutions to the obstacles facing Idaho wineries. We’re learning that it is one thing to know the law, but knowing the business is just as important. Our depth of knowledge has gone beyond “how to do it” and into “how to do it successfully.”

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