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Partner Merlyn Clark Featured in Idaho State Bar’s “The Advocate”

By Hawley Troxell,

In the March/April 2011 edition of The Advocate, the official publication of the Idaho State Bar, Managing Editor Dan Black paints a colorful and memorable picture of Hawley Troxell’s Merlyn Clark in the six-page article “Portrait of a Litigator.” Black, who describes Clark as “a consummate storyteller,” takes readers on Clark’s journey from being raised in Wallace as the son of a Star Mine mechanic to taking high profile cases as an attorney.

Those who know Merlyn Clark well were surprised to read anecdotes such as the story about the early time when Clark and his friend Lee hitchhiked across the U.S. and—running low on funds—went to the city jail in Illinois and asked to spend the night.

Writing about how Clark added mediation to his litigation experience, Black wrote, “An oversized map hangs in Merlyn’s office. It shows the route of Napoleon’s campaign from Poland to Moscow…. Beginning the drive with 442,000 soldiers, Napoleon’s force diminished to a mere 10,000 at its return. Inscribed above the picture is a saying: ‘Is the Quest Worth the Cost?’ ”

Law firms have heroes: Merlyn Clark is one for Hawley Troxell. Clark, a partner in the firm, is a senior litigator, experienced arbitrator, and certified professional mediator.

View Merlyn Clark’s full article in The Advocate here.