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Health Care Reform Resources

Added by Hawley Troxell in Articles & Blogs, Health Law on March 1, 2010

Like many others around the nation, we are still wading through the 2,500+ pages of the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (“PPACA”), to determine its impact on our health care clients, including provisions regarding:

  • Private insurance expansion and reforms.
  • Individual and employer mandates and incentives.
  • Medicare and Medicaid modifications.
  • Quality and efficiency initiatives and demonstration projects.

New transparency, fraud and abuse provisions, including restrictions on referrals to physician-owned hospitals; required notices to patients referred for in-office ancillary services; and a self-disclosure protocol for Stark violations.

Many of the issues will coalesce in future months as the scope and effect of the bill is analyzed, the industry responds, and guidance issues. We will continue to provide client updates on key aspects of PPACA; in the meantime, however, the following links provide fairly good summaries of the various provisions of the PPACA:

Kaiser Family Foundation Summary of the PPACA, available here.

Kaiser Family Foundation Timeline of the PPACA, available here.

In addition, the AHA, AMA, HFMA, and MGMA all have materials available for members though their respective websites.

If you have questions about these or other legal issues, please contact a member of our Health Law group or 208.344.6000.